Real-life astrophysicist Amanda Maxham assumes her alter-ego, Darla Danger, to conduct scintillating interviews, explore science and history, and generally have adventures in time and space.

Join Darla and her robot friend, SAM, in their super-secret science lab for an all-ages podcast that’s like nothing you’ve heard before!



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New episodes come out every other Thursday!

Episode 4November 21, 2019
4 days to go.

"1-A Edison Way"

The story begins. Darla Danger arrives at her old family estate. Why did her missing father send her here? Why is the house still standing? Does it really have to be raining? And what’s Tennyson got to do with anything?                    

"1-B Edison Way"

The story continues. Darla Danger makes a startling discovery. What has she stumbled upon? Will it help her find out what happened to her father? Or will it just make fun of her name? Will there ever actually be an interview?                  

"Distant Signals"

The plot thickens. Darla Danger learns more about her father’s work. Can she trust her strange new friend? Will she find a new purpose in life? What are Distant Signals? And, seriously, aren’t there supposed to be interviews?